Resume/LinkedIn TIPS

What do all these titles have in common- System Engineer, Solution Architect, Sales Engineer, Solution Engineer? For my clients- they are all the same thing- Sales Engineers, for other companies they could be internal IT!!!

My #1 tip is to make sure the words Pre Sales and or Sales Engineer on your resume/LI. In the Skills section of your profile where you have skills highlighted like Networking, Cloud, there is a “PRE SALES” skill, as well as a “Sales Engineering” you can add. Since System Engineer at one company could be internal IT, make sure you SCREAM the words Pre Sales.

What if your a Post Sales Engineer Candidate that wants to get into Pre Sales? Every post sales SE I know has been involved in Pre Sales activities! Whether selling their services, POC’s, most Post guys have a little Pre work. I encourage these candidates to also include Pre Sales in profile, but not lie about the fact that your primarily post. Verbiage like “Primarily involved in Post Sales engagement, with Pre Sales support. The market is very good right now for Post to Pre, there simply aren’t enough 8 year Pre Sales candidates in every market with right skills. About 60% of my hiring manager will consider Post candidates, there is no need to lie about it. All of this is ditto for VAR candidates.

Since I mentioned the skills section of LinkedIn profile, I highly suggest you add the skills you have and are working on, whether VMWare, TCP/IP, AWS, etc. Recruiters like myself search for specific skills in our LinkedIn searches, when it’s blank it leaves us to guess what you might know.

Certifications- List all that are relevant. CISSP, VCP,CCNA, even if these certs expired 6 years ago they are still “valid” in the recruiting world, and most importantly help us find you!





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